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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mayor Nagin- VIOTY candidate! First nomination!

I put this in the comments to a previous post but its too good not to give a post of its own. Its from an email from my Dad today. I don't know why he's shy about leaving comments- he's NOT a shy guy... Anyway, he has a suggestion:
If you are going to be founder and CEO of the mayor Nagin fan club, do I, as your father, get family/cutrate membership?

Not only is he a jackass, but certainly very much in the running as Village Idiot of the Year. Since the democrats use the jackass as their emblem, maybe the VIOTY trophy could be designed, using just the rear portion of said animal.

Open for a nationwide design competition? Maybe you could start something using your blogspot?? Might get some very unusual designs.

I think a VIOTY trophy should be designed and perhaps presented to the good mayor if nobody manages to defeat his cluelessness this year. Design suggestions anyone?

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